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Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas, leaving court yesterday, blasted the "tacky" pics that scooped their OK! photos.
- Reuters

February 11, 2003 -- Catherine Zeta-Jones, pregnant and drenched in diamonds, yesterday griped in court that "stolen" photos of her nuptials made her dream day look like a big, fat, geek wedding.

Zeta-Jones, 33, said she was particularly horrified at one renegade photo published in celebrity magazine Hello! of star hubby Michael Douglas feeding her wedding cake at the lavish November 2000 affair at The Plaza in New York.

"I did not want my husband shoving a spoon down my throat to be photographed . . . It is offensive," Zeta-Jones sniffed to London's High Court, as Douglas sat at their lawyers' bench, munching mints from a silver bowl brought especially for the occasion.

Zeta-Jones insisted the couple sold the rights to the photos to another magazine for $1.6 million because the spread "was going to be an overall look into the life of us . . . in a classy way" - not because the powerhouse pair was greedy.

"It [$1.6 million] is a lot of money maybe to a lot of people in this room, but it is not that much for us," said Zeta-Jones, with diamonds on her ears, neck and hands.

The couple is suing Hello! for printing a series of fuzzy, unauthorized shots three days before rival magazine OK! was able to publish photos from the same event - and which it had shelled out the $1.6 million for the rights to.

Lawyers for Hello! are arguing that the wedding became fair game in the publishing world as soon as the couple inked the deal with OK! to "publicize" it.

The fact that OK! also had permission to run the photos in syndication in another 20 magazines only bolsters that argument, the defense said.

Zeta-Jones complained that not only was the quality of the unauthorized photos "cheap and tacky" but "there are so many things that I wanted to keep secret" from the camera that eventually showed up in the pages of Hello!

"There are certain moments of emotion, certain moments of embrace," she explained.

When defense lawyer James Price produced photos published in OK! that included the pair embracing, an obviously annoyed Zeta-Jones retorted:

"There is embracing, and there is embracing."

Her comment was followed by laughter in the courtroom.

With Post Wire Services

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