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Oscar Hammerstein II
B. 7.12.1895 New York City / D. 9.23.1960 Doylestown, Pennsylvania

How did Liza celebrate her birthday? With a toast to me, the one in the second row whom she wanted I just know it in the marrow of my bones. Poor Liza still living lies tonight; poor me still alone when I should be taking her fatty solids by the handful to a state of perfect bliss. Propriety slayed us. I was four steps away maybe only two from bridging an abyss that was never meant to be.
We! We ought to have been.
Call me star-struck call me worse names I don't care. You'll never catch me curling my sensitive lip at the standards belted however hoarsely and/or denuded of high notes when it's Liza belting them. Wilkomen! That's right
You feel it too.
But please vilify me for not saving Liza Minnelli from off the stage in Westbury Long Island when I had the chance. Love poured out of my chest cavity into her lungs and her eyes sought mine sought and met them repeatedly. One moment of forgetfulness might have released us both from these ought-not-to-be lives which while hardly humdrum
well maybe a little bit humdrum
shouldn't be punishment. We are not criminals just because we love!
I'm tired of explaining this to everybody all the time.
Paradise! Paradise nearly was mine and I stood like a lox! In the second row, Liza Minelli.
Next year expect a card.

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